Event of KAGUYA

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Mission Profile (Reproduction time:09:37) | Observation Missions (Reproduction time:13:08)
Each phase and event of KAGUYA
Operational phase Contents Events
Launch preparation stage It launches from the start of launch preparation job, to completion of preparation Start of countdown
Launch stage From completion of launch preparation to satellite separation after the Moon transfer orbit throwing Lift off
Nose fairing open
2nd stage separation
Lunar transitional Orbit insertion
Early stage Critical phase Lunar transitional Orbit phase From satellite separation to Lunar polar orbit insertion
(After approximately 1 hours)
Separation from H-IIA
Solar Array Paddle Deployment
High-Gain Antenna Deployment
Injection Error Correction Maneuver
Adjustment Maneuver of Revolution Period
LOI Conditions Adjusting Maneuver
Lunar polar Orbit phase From Lunar polar orbit insertion to observation
(After approximately 45 days)
Lunar polar Orbit Insertion
Relay Satellite Release
VRAD Satellite Release
Orbit Correction Maneuver(6 times)
Early operational phase From completion of Lunar polar orbit insertion to completion of observation preparation Observation equipments check out
Constancy phase From completion of early operation to end of observation
(10 months after the completing the early use)
Scientific observation
HDTV shooting

Mission Profile Figure
KAGUYA now somewhere