High Definition Television
Outline of Instrument

This hardware has a telephoto and a wide-angle HDTV color cameras used three 2.2M-pixel CCDs.

High Definition Television (HDTV)
Size 46cm x 42cm x 28cm
Mass 16.5kg
Power consumption 50W
Horizontal angle 44 degrees (Wide-angle)
15 degrees (Telephoto)

Principle of Observation

The camera mounted to the moon side of the explorer, and it can shoot the earth rise.

Principle of Observation

One minute video scene is compressed, stored, and transmitted to the earth through 20 minutes.

Principle of Observation

Results Expected

The camera can shoot the earth rise and detailed features of complex crater from slant view, and the image is useful as public information.

Image of the Results Expected

At the CCD device, pixel defects (white blemishes) generate by space lay, so, it is expected the cyclic observation makes clear the effect of the space lay around the moon orbit.
It is difficult to protect the CCD from the space lay. So we have been developed the grand system be able to compensate the white blemishes of max 20 thousands from the pick-up image.

Image which compensates the blemishes of CCD

PI Introduction
HDTV Junichi Yamazaki

Junichi Yamazaki

NHK Broadcast Engineering Department