Mission mark

The Mission Mark of KAGUYA The mission mark of KAGUYA, the earth where we live (the right side) from the moon when it is the inquiry object (the left side) to with earnest it traces "S" of KAGUYA being something which in motif is drawn in symbolic, was designed "the track of KAGUYA", by the student of "School of Art and Design of the University of Tsukuba".

After that, make many people know the main satellite and the child satellite were arranged in order. Around illustration, including a request that new century of the moon inquiry starts with the inquiry of KAGUYA it is the letter of "Next Generation in Lunar Exploration" and origin of the name of KAGUYA, in "scientific observation of the moon and sense of the probe which verifies basis technology", the letter of "SELeneological and ENgineering Explorer" was added and the present KAGUYA mission mark completed.

Furthermore, SELENE is known as a name of goddess of the moon when it appears in the Greek myth.

Presently, this mission mark is used for the document and the public information data and the goods etc regarding KAGUYA with everyone by familiarly you make be moved KAGUYA as a symbol in order.