KAGUYA Lunar Impact

Last update : Jun, 10, 2009, at 9:30 p.m.(GMT)
KAGUYA impact point

The Japan's lunar explorer "KAGUYA", which was in the extended operational phase, has been carrying out observations of the Moon from lower altitude since February 1, 2009, to continued observations in more detail.
The "KAGUYA" concluded its scientific mission to the Moon through a controlled impact on the lunar surface.

Impact date
18:25, June 10, 2009 (GMT) Near side, night time area
Impact location
E80.4, S65.5
Lunar phase & age on impact date
17.3 (London)17 of Moon age

Lunar age quotation : NAOJ - Koyomi Station

KAGUYA's orbit

KAGUYA's orbit
LALT topographical map (background-image)
(Mark is the spot where a "KAGUYA" fell)
around the spot of impact area
(c) JAXA/SELENE (image processing : NAOJ)

LALT topographical map for around the spot
where a "KAGUYA" fell